This page lists upcoming COVID & Flu vaccination clinics at the surgery. These clinics are not listed on the National Booking System.

Patients can still use the National Booking System to go elsewhere if needed: Click Here

Please note that we are NOT currently offering Drop-In Clinics and that all appointments are subject to vaccine delivery.


Upcoming Clinics


We currently have no COVID and flu clinics scheduled. Details of the COVID Spring Booster 2023 programme will be displayed here when the practice has further information.  


Booking Your Vaccine


By Telephone:

To book by telephone, please call 01943 604455, and choose option 1 (COVID & Flu Vaccinations).

Our dedicated COVID & Flu Vaccination Bookings Team operates this line, as call numbers can be high when new clinics are launched. Please note that this team is only trained in COVID & Flu Bookings, not general enquiries. During quieter times, our Reception team will answer instead.



You can also book your COVID / flu vaccination online. To do this, please log in to your SystmOnline account here.

* Please note that patients aged under 50 & at risk cannot book online. Please call the surgery to book your vaccination.


Declining Your Vaccine


If you do not intend on having your COVID/flu vaccination, it's important that you decline it. This allows the surgery to move on to the next patient when offering vaccines.

You need to decline your vaccination every vaccination season. This is to ensure that patients are not missed if they changed their minds. We are currently in the Winter 2022 vaccination season.

If you wish to decline your COVID and/or flu vaccination, please get in touch with the practice. You can also decline your vaccination through SystmOnline (Online Services). To do this, look for the "questionnaires" option on the SystmOnline dashboard.  Click Here to log in to SystmOnline.

Please note that you will not be able to decline your vaccination if:

- You have already been marked as declined.

- The vaccination season has not yet started.

- You have already had the vaccination you wish to decline.

Once you have declined your vaccination, we ask that patients cancel their vaccination appointment if they had already booked it. Declining your vaccination does not cancel your flu / covid vaccination appointment, it only removes consent.