ORCHA Health Apps Library 

A great resource for patients to view a wide range of trusted and reviewed health apps. The ORCHA library includes filters for COVID-19 specific support apps, as well as apps to help manage long term conditions, mental well being and fitness. The website link is:



Self-Help Leaflets

Here are some self-help fact sheets about some common ailments. They provide patients with information around:

  • Useful facts
  • What patients can expect to happen (the natural history)
  • What people can do to help themselves – now and in the future
  • When to seek medical help (the 'red flags')
  • Where to find out more

They are PDF files which you can download.

1. Low Back Pain

2. Eczema

3. Heartburn and indigestion

4. Fever in children

5. Constipation

6. Headache and migraine

7. Coughs

8. Acne

9. Sprains and strains

10. Sore throat

11. Otitis media (middle ear infection)

12. Common cold

13. Sinusitis

14. Cold & Flu

15. Pain

16. Hay fever


Self-Help Packs 

The following self-care packs are aimed at adults with either Dementia, COPD, Asthma or Heart Failure. These packs have been developed for the person with the condition and are designed to support and empower people to feel more confident about their self-care, maintaining independence, control and responsibility. It is hoped that the packs will be a useful resource in supporting people to manage and understand their condition better.

1. Dementia_Self_Care_Pack.pdf

2. Asthma_Self_Care_Pack.pdf

3. COPD_Self_Care_Pack.pdf

4. Heart_Failure_Self_Care_Pack.pdf


Audio Self-Help Guides

Don't Panic Campaign

The Don't Panic series of audio self-help guides is designed to provide people with easily accessible information about common mental health difficulties.

They are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principals, an approach that has been shown to be effective by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

The guides are available to download free of charge via the link below:-



Videoscribes developed by Wharfedale, Airedale & Craven Alliance (WACA) 

WACA has developed a range of patient information videoscribes on common medical conditions. Please click on the links below to access them. 

Prostate Cancer Screening

Social Prescribing


Vitamin D

People at Risk of Developing Diabetes


Spotify podcasts developed by Wharfedale, Airedale & Craven Alliance (WACA) 

WACA has created a range of well-being and information podcasts covering the following topics:

1. Chronic Pain

2. Memory Loss

3. The Menopause

4. The Social Prescribing Service 

To access these please click on the following link 



Other Audio Self-Help Leaflets

The following self-help leaflets have been produced by Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust.

The guides are available to download free of charge via the link below:-